Newbury Camera Club, presentation

ElderLast Thursday night saw me driving to Shaw Social Club in Newbury to give a talk to the Newbury Camera Club. Although scared about public speaking, as I have given two talks already this year I thought I should keep going! The members of the club were very welcoming and seemed to enjoy looking at my favourite images ¬†from my portfolio. I focussed in on my Botanical series and explained how I went about creating them, with an Infra-Red filter (which I insisted on calling a UV filter, apologies to all there) and layering techniques in Adobe Photoshop. Thank you to Rob Carpenter, who generously described me as “an entertaining and engaging speaker”.



Doing something that scares you!

Well that is me para-phrasing ‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’ Eleanor Roosevelt US diplomat & reformer (1884 – 1962).

Tonight I will be giving a 5-10 minute talk on my photography to the Oxford Adobe User Group. Along with other members I will be taking the opportunity of ‘Portfolio Night’ to sharpen my public speaking skills (which are non-existent!). This is all to prepare me for a larger and longer (20 – 30mins), challenge on Feb 8th at New Greenham Arts, talking to members of Open Studios West Berkshire & North Hampshire about ‘Presenting your work: Photographs and websites’ at a Marketing and Social Media workshop.

I just don’t know why I am putting myself through this!! And although Eleanor Roosevelt might have a good point, I will stick with scaring myself once a month for now.