Keep on learning

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

Over the summer I attended a one day workshop at the fabulously creative City Arts Newbury.¬†“A ring in a day” with Berkshire based jeweller Cathy Newell Price, what an opportunity! Not wanting to miss out I booked as soon as I could.

It was billed as “A fantastic introduction to jewellery in silver, with artist Cathy Newell-Price.” During this workshop, myself and the other seven attendees planned, designed and created a wide-band silver ring. We learnt basic jewellery making skills, including texturing and making marks in metals, cutting out using a piercing saw, hammering, bending & shaping silver, joining by silver soldering, finishing and polishing.


We started by trying out all of the different tools, experimenting with mark making on our trial copper band. Nervousness and excitement were a heady mix along with the rhythmic sound of hammer on metal. ¬†Hands on guidance was needed when it came to the soldering part of the process. Only with Cathy’s level of experience were we ever going to ensure that the flat strip of metal would turn forever into a circle.


I am really pleased with the results I managed to achieve, being a complete beginner, albeit with lots of enthusiasm. In the back of my mind I would like to explore this further, perhaps with more lessons with Cathy, via YouTube videos or from good old fashioned book learning!

With the kids all going back to school, I feel it is time to embrace learning something new. Why should they have all the fun? Let’s see what we can achieve.