Why you should try house sitting

It’s been a long time since we owned a dog and when he passed it broke our hearts. Some people won’t understand that losing a pet can be the same as losing a member of the family. And as such we found that we couldn’t bring ourselves to replace him. Time passed and I read a magazine article that got me thinking. let’s take some time out doing a temporary job abroad with accommodation included. My first thoughts were that this was just for student gap years, but not so as it appears that adult gap years are on the rise.

Google provided the answer and after trawling results that were useless (isn’t that always the way!), I found blogs and websites that described a way of escaping. It all sounded so wonderful, but as reality kicked in I realised that a whole year out wasn’t possible. Damn you mortgage! Perhaps there was a way though to have a slice of the gap year cake rather than the whole thing?

There was a way, house and pet sitting. There are websites that allow you to link up with home owners with or without pets who need a trustworthy person to look after things whilst they are away. So this is how to have doggy and cat cuddles without owning them! Yes please, sign me up, so I did.


One of the top sites is www.trustedhousesitters.com.  There is a yearly membership fee of £89, but this ensures that owners find pet care from verified sitters (like me) who won’t charge a penny for keeping pets safe & happy at home. Also there is Mind my house which is a great site that costs a lot less at $20, but has fewer members to choose from. There are other sites, but these will keep you busy enough and you can apply to sit anywhere in the whole wide world!


Over the past two years my husband Jason and I have had the pleasure and privilege of sitting 7 times for 5 different home owners, a total of 7 cats and 4 dogs so far. We have loved seeing different parts of the UK and France. Not only have we had some amazing experiences but have met some wonderful people too. I would highly recommend house sitting and we are happily looking forward to our next sit over Christmas in Gloucestershire.


The links I have given to the Trusted House Sitter website will give you 20% off membership. For every one that joins, I will receive 2 free months. Please contact me if the links don’t work and I will send you a code instead.


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