Polaroid project


‘New’ Photography project with an ‘Old’ Polaroid camera

I am excited to start a new photography project with this old 1970’s Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. I think it is pretty much as old as I am! For years I have wanted to try both emulsion lifts and image transfers. After lots of research, I finally decided to get a new ‘old’ camera and try my hand at this much longed-for technique. This model has autofocus and allows for manual focus as close as 10.2in (26cm) so I hope that will help when I come to take my own images.

New film has been ordered and on it’s way courtesy of Impossible Project. They have done some fantastic work making sure photographer’s  like me can still experiment and explore the wonderful world of polaroid photography. Hurrah! As they say on their website “The SX-70 Original was the first instant SLR ever made, and the first camera to use integral instant film. It’s also one of the most beautiful cameras ever made, with a folding brushed chrome body and leather trim. Beloved by artists and photographers since Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams.

I hope that this project will be everything I’m wishing for! I’ll keep you posted…


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