Book cover project, part two

Anna Nagel has asked me to create images for her book called Fair Game. In this second part I am going to show the initial images that I edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. In part three I will finish by showing the text overlaid onto them.

My start point is to process the .NEF files generated by my Nikon D7000 in Adobe Lightroom. The image was shot in natural daylight (10 secs @f22 ISO100 50mm). I firstly correct any chromatic lens aberration and upright the perspective. Then I lightly sharpen, white balance to Daylight, check white clipping (this is shown on the ‘before’ picture as red), remove any dust or spots. Finally I reduced the saturation, so the orange fabric wasn’t too harsh and dodged a little light back into the tarot cards.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 15.02.03
Screen shot of book cover 1 in Adobe Lightroom

The second image was also shot in natural daylight (10 secs @f29 ISO100 56mm). I repeated the steps that I completed for the first image. I finished by burning the highlight on the wood to the left of the image, so the wood was more evenly balanced all over and increased the shadow alongside the right of the lavender.

screen shot of book cover 2 in Lightroom
Screen shot of book cover 2 in Adobe Lightroom

I export the images as Jpgs and open them in Adobe Photoshop.

Anna has been talking about this process from her point of view, why not take a look here, Or follow her on Facebook.

Fair Game is available through Amazon follow this link, or on Goodreads follow this link. Next time I will show you how I added the text elements into the images in Adobe Photoshop.


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