Book cover project, part one

I am really excited about my latest photographic project, a book cover! A good friend of mine who goes under the nom de plume of Anna Nagel has asked me to create images for her book covers. The first one we are creating an image for is called Fair Game. Set in seventeenth century England against a backdrop of civil war, witch hunts and religious upheaval, this historical romance tells the story of Anne Somerton, a respected noblewoman with a passion she dare not admit and a secret she must never confess.

I started with a few ideas in my head of how to set up the shoot for the Fair Game book cover. Inspiration was taken from re-reading the novel and looking at other book covers that both I and Anna liked.

The first set up I tried was using my fireplace so I could get a definite line that the key items from the book could stand on. I like using natural light when I can, so using a tripod became essential. Long exposure times and filling in shadow areas with card and a mirror gave me the look that I was after. I shot multiple versions with and without fill-in to give me plenty of choice when editing the images in the computer later.

photo shoot
Me shooting the first set for the Fair Game book cover

The second set up was to be a table-top style image with plenty of space in the foreground for the text element of the book cover to be accommodated. These elements were a strong compositional element to this shoot and a different way of thinking for me. If we filled the image with ’stuff’ how clear would the author’s name and the title of the book be? More recent ways for authors to self publish mean as a photographer and designer I have to think how this image will look/ reproduce as a tiny thumbnail on sites such as Amazon.  

photo shoot 2
Second set for Fair Game cover, using white card to fill-in shadow areas

Fair Game is available through Amazon, follow this link or on Goodreads, follow this link. Next time I will show you how I edit the images in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop ready for the text elements to be added.


3 thoughts on “Book cover project, part one

  1. Love the blog, Deborah. I am actually speechless with joy/admiration at how beautifully you have interpreted the brief for this project. The photos are AMAZING -Trully!!! Can’t wait to show them off!

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