Open Studios season begins!

As a member of Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire #OpenStudios14_WBNH, I regularly show my work to the public. This year I am launching my web design business in the back of the Directory of Artists. I picked up the brochure today and I think that my advert looks fab! Let’s hope others think so too.

Advert for Deborah Taylor Web design
Web design business advert

2 thoughts on “Open Studios season begins!

  1. Hello Deborah, You may not remember me – David and I came to see you a few years ago during Open Studios. We are also friends of Lez & Ali who used to live on Park Avenue and we met at their house a long time ago now.
    I wonder if you still have your house in France – you took lovely photos – and see one or 2 on your website!
    I wonder whether you would be interested to advertise your web-design business and photography in Hermitage’s parish magazine, David and I have recently taken on the editorship of The Pathfinder, and are always looking for new adverts / articles.
    Do reply if you are interested.
    Also is your studio open this year for Open Studios – I don’t see your name as an Artist!?
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Lovely to hear from you. I would be interested in chatting to you about an article, unfortunately I don’t have any budget left for advertising this year. Best wishes, Deborah

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